It’s not often we get to just join a classic car run but on Sunday 7th June we did just that. We had seen the run advertised on a generic car forum and didn’t think more of it until a few days beforehand when the weather picked up and I was wondering what I would do on Sunday. Well, any car guy or girl will tell you, there’s nothing better than driving your classic on a sunny day and this was a beaut so it was time to fill the tank and hit the road.

I didn’t make it to the set off point but I knew the route as they had very kindly laid it out for all to see which meant anyone could pop along to the various meeting points. The idea behind the Ps & Qs was the Piers and Quays along the Shannon Estuary. A clever idea for a run and one that worked really well as it took us along a route most would never get to travel.
The midway stop allowed those who packed a picnic to take a breather, and to allow their classic metal to cool down slightly. I have to admit that forward planning is not my forte so when it came to preparing a picnic I didn’t! Instead, I banked on there being a local pub serving lunch. There wasn’t! I couldn’t believe it when I saw the pub was closed. I know, an Irish pub closed on a sunny day! Well, in true Irish spirit, those who were organised (everyone else) saw those that weren’t organised (myself and Fabien) and very kindly shared their picnic. I had never met this band of merry classic car folks but they were so welcoming it was a real treat. I really enjoyed the day so well done to all involved. It’s great to have an excuse to get out and enjoy our old cars and this was a great one.

…..When’s the next one?????

Words & Photos: Cathal