It has long since been the show to debut your freshly restored ride at but Eirespares has evolved into much more than that now. It’s a place to meet your mates at, mates you don’t see too often but when you see each other it feels like you’ve just seen each other last week!

It’s a show that runs with the minimum amount of advertising, people just show up. And it’s that kind of familiarity that makes Eirespares just a really cool show to go to and soak up all things VW. Competing against a multitude of car shows and runs, numbers were down on previous years but that doesn’t mean that quality was down because it wasn’t. From Mark Maher’s Lafoten Green 100% factory correct 1976 Beetle to the wild creation from the minds of Colin and Glenn Williams that is ‘Bugly’ and everything in between, there was something for everyone no matter what your craving is.

I think the No Worries bonnet badge on Graham Cullen’s German Look Beetle summed up the relaxed atmosphere perfectly! Sweet car too with its Porsche rims, 5 speed Porsche ‘box, perfect stance and uber comfy leather interior but the colour change from blue to silver/grey is what threw people a mile. Why? Well, believe it or not, that’s a vinyl wrap! Yeah, a wrap on the most curvaceous car ever designed!

Words and photos: Cathal