What’s not to love about the Limerick Show? Well, if you were there in 2014 you would have said the rain was something you could do without and clearly the Limerick Classic and Vintage Car Club listened to your woes and ensured that rain was not going to dampen your spirits in 2015. In fact, there is a slight hint of forehead sunburn and sunglasses white spots on my face as I write this so yes, weather was on everyone’s side.

The one thing that hits you as you draw up in the queue of cars heading into Limerick Racecourse is that this is one big momma of an event! The lanes break off into show car entrants and visitors which I sadly was this year as the engine in my Bus decided to cough and fart a few weeks ago so it’s sitting in Graham’s barn, arse in the air and engineless which is a real shame as I was really looking forward to having it on display as part of the show’s tribute to 60 years of VW Commercials in Ireland. Having said that, the display was a fantastic success with models from each decade and each model represented well. John Knightly came up trumps by bringing along the oldest known Split Screen Bus in Ireland, a very rare RHD Barndoor Bus.

Clubs such as Eircooled and Southern Volks Folks had their club stands set up and offering a chill out zone for existing members as well as somewhere for prospective members to stop and chat and talk about their project VW or even to talk about that family heirloom that sits in the garage awaiting a new lease of life. Mixed in with the aircooled VWs were the watercooled VWs which made a massive show in their own right. There was everything there from MK1 Golfs and Jettas through to 151 registered models that were cleaner than the day they left the factory, literally. Trevor Brady brought along a MK1 Jetta that had just had a TDi conversion carried out but in keeping with his penchant for all things original, and I’m being kind here, he dragged this Jetta kicking and screaming from a ditch where it had sat for many years. He has subtly restored the bodywork without actually making it look restored. It was almost ironic that after pulling the Jetta from a ditch, he also had to be pulled from a ditch after he crashed and burned in the SoapBox Derby!

The overall vibe in the VAG filled parade area was carried through to the main classic car display and trade stands area at the entrance to the show. The Mercedes Club of Ireland had an eye-catching and eye watering display of vintage metal on display which included a Gullwing Mercedes in the traditional silver finish. They also had a 500 SEC on display that forced me to take out my drool cloth earlier than planned. That 80’s bruiser can still hold its own against modern motors and is a real gran turismo.

The great thing about the Limerick Show is that you can find almost any make or model in the line-up. It’s that diversity and eclectic nature that draws us back year after year. If you don’t believe me, then take a look at the photos and you’ll see cars such as a Datsun 120Y and a MK2 Jaguar as well as an Irish registered Corsair or how about an original Cork registered MK1 Capri or perhaps a Toyota Crown Super Saloon 2.8litre? I did find myself muttering WTF when I saw an Irish registered Opel Rekord, which despite being quite rare these days, didn’t stop the owner adding a wardrobe handle to the boot????? Pity really, as the rest of the car was mint and clearly loved and maintained by the owner. Ah well, each to their own eh?
Our advice is to get yourself to the Limerick Show in 2016 because if motors float your boat then this is your pleasuredome! And besides, where else are you going to see the show prizes being delivered in a hearse?

Words and photos: Cathal

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