Well, we’re back from a great show. Stanford Hall is one of our favourite shows and really brings together the best of the best as well as the many special editions and rare models in varying states of repair.

Added to that, that the show is the place to see how you’re doing on your resto and more importantly, to see what parts you’re missing in order to complete your resto. Owners love to talk about their cars and the history behind them so it’s as much about fact finding as it is drooling over show cars. As if all that wasn’t enough, you have the stately and elegant grounds of Stanford Hall as backdrop. Cars in the Concours area are parked facing the lake while the Historic display takes pride of place in front of the main house. The Split Screen Van Club hold their AGM the night before so their arrival into the grounds is not to be missed. 200 vans driving over a humpback bridge into show grounds is not something you see every day!

Another convoy of note was that of the Cabriolet Owners Club GB who were hosting their AGM over the weekend followed by a drive through some of many scenic routes in the area. With the scorching sunshine that stayed all weekend, a Cabriolet was the only place to be. As part of their celebration of 65 years of Karmann Cabrio production, the Cabriolet Owners Club GB also had their own convoy into Stanford Hall where they then parked in prime location beside the Concours area.

This year we decided to bring a car along, a 1965 1200 Beetle which coped admirably with the 600+ mile round trip, although, being a stocker, it was never going to be a quick 600+ miles! On the upside, we came 5th which we are thrilled with seeing as we didn’t prepare it as we should have plus the standard of VWs at Stanford Hall is out of this world. The ’67 Beetle that came 1st in our class is drooltastic! It’s as factory as you can get right down to the minutest detail. It’s a credit to its owner Rob Evans.

If you are wondering whether to add this show to your bucket list, I would say most definitely. And you don’t have to be 100% into stock cars to appreciate the show as the club or car park areas will no doubt interest you. What grabs people of all tastes is that the cars on display typically are as close to factory spec as you will see anywhere so if you want to know what your project should look like or what it looked like when it originally left the factory then this is where you need to be. It’s a slow paced show, probably the last of the old style shows with static displays of quality cars, a vast line of trade stands as well as an autojumble. It’s not trying to be anything new or innovative. It doesn’t feel the need to dazzle you with tricks, Stanford Hall is what it is and that is an amazing show in an amazing location. Simplez!!!!!

Words & photos: Cathal