VolksWorld 2015

Now that was probably the best Volksworld Show we have ever been to! We’re exhausted but boy was it worth the effort. We were lucky that we were there on the Friday which is set up day so many of the photos were taken as VWs arrived or were being placed so there won’t be anyone photobombing the pics!

There were just so many high quality VWs that it’s very difficult to have just one but the highlight for us was Steve Gosling’s über detailed Ragtop. It took 7 years to get to where it is now and it is clear to all why it took 7 years; the detailing, the quality, the thought process that was evident from the front to the back of the Beetle and the downright coolness of it all meant it was swamped all weekend. Not only did it win a Top 20 award but if there was a prize for the most photographed car then this would have won hands down! If you were in any doubt as to where Steve’s car was when you walked in you only had to look for the hundreds of people all clambering around the turntable desperately trying to get a look at the painted and polished supercharger or the under bonnet area with it’s Goldilocks mix of chrome, ordered wiring layouts, gloss black and chrome detailing as well as the shiniest paint we have ever seen. In times to come when people describe a show car as “being as good underneath as it is on top” they will probably be met with “oh you mean like Steve Gosling’s Ragtop?” because there is no way of improving on perfection, it can only be copied from now on. Well done Steve, you have now moved the benchmark to an all-time high!

Another stunner was the drag race prepared Notchback which really caught people off guard. Normally people (us included) will assume that a race car is just that, a race car, a bit rough maybe but it’s the functionality of the race car that is important and nothing else. Not so with this Notch. We, and the thousands who came through the gates over the weekend, could not get over the detailing and engineering. This was no ‘build it with spare parts’ racer, rather more of an exercise in engineering wizardry. Each design, modification and subsequent fabrication has been preceded with an incomprehensible level of engineering and forethought so that when we saw the Notch we had to take it all in. It’s mind boggling!
The Cal Look display was the perfect salute to 40 years of Cal Look VWs. The ass up nose down stance left you in no doubt as to whether these VWs could haul ass and yet they can hold their own, and more, at any VW show. Ron Fleming was on hand all weekend. He was signing posters, giving a talk in the history of Cal Look and about how he and his mates just had fun doing what they were doing, unaware of the history they were creating. He’s a great guy and over the weekend we saw that he never said no to anyone if he was stopped and asked for a photo or to sign something, in fact, he would stay talking to them for a long time.

No doubt everyone who was at this year’s Volksworld Show has their favourite, the one they would love to take home if they could but if you weren’t able to make it to Sandown Park, have a look at the photos and let us know which one you would take home if you could.

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  1. Padraig McEntee

    March 31, 2015 at 7:23 pm

    Its great getting a good look at these without the hordes in the way. I really liked the bamboo beetle pick up and the willys beetle jeep

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