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Eireball 2013 Teaser

The 8th Annual Eireball Run takes place from 10th to 18th August, 2013 and this year is fundraising for ISPCC Childline and The Irish Cancer Society. The 2013 run is also taking place as a memorial for Jacky Ingram who sadly passed away last year. Jackie was a member of the band ‘For the Craic’ who toured with the Eireball Run in 2007. This gruelling week-long drive, in a convoy of classic VW vans and campers, follows a challenging route that winds its way around the coast of Ireland, and this video is a teaser of what to expect. If you are interested in joining in somewhere along the way or getting involved, please visit www.eireball.com.


Are you a frustrated plumber, do you dream of the open road, campfires, surfing at dawn and spending your nights chilling on the beach with like-minded individuals? Or maybe your T4 has just shit itself and you need some advice. www.vandalism.ie could be the forum for you. ..if you can handle the shite colour scheme, that is. 😛

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