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Limerick 2015

What’s not to love about the Limerick Show? Well, if you were there in 2014 you would have said the rain was something you could do without and clearly the Limerick Classic and Vintage Car Club listened to your woes and ensured that rain was not going to dampen your spirits in 2015. In fact, there is a slight hint of forehead sunburn and sunglasses white spots on my face as I write this so yes, weather was on everyone’s side.
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Limerick Classic Car Show 2013

What a great day, and a great new location for Limerick Classic Car Club’s 21st annual show (gets better every year).Two cars in particular stole the show in my mind; the Williams Brothers’ “Hedge look” oval (not sure how to describe it, “rat look” just doesn’t do it.. so hedge look it is for now) and Padraig Kelleher’s amazing “Human Cannonball” Tatraplan 600.
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VAGE 2012

Now I know I shouldn’t snigger but a show that’s pronounced VAJ is always going to make me giggle like a 14yr old schoolboy and it does, even now as I write this but the laughing stopped when I saw the new venue for the 2012 VAGE show in Fermoy, County Cork which was the Corrin Event Centre. The move to the new facility also marked the 10th anniversary of this event.
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